Xenone Produce goods and services that have an impact on humanity. Xenone is an ambitious group of companies whose sole mission is to promote the well-being of all. This goal is achieved through the production of goods and services in areas that affect and impact humanity: agribusiness, technology and energy.
Eat natural live better We provide you with a 100% natural and controlled food because we know that eating organic is essential for a fulfilled life
Shine without polluting We are putting together several original ideas to provide you with energy at all levels while respecting our dear planet
IT at the center of everything, IT for everyone. We provide several services and quality products to companies and individuals
Our mission Promote the well-being of man and nature Imagine a world where natural food, renewable energy and technology are accessible to all. A world where the well-being of every human being is taken into account.
Our strategy Divide and conquer To achieve this bold goal, Xenone has divided itself into three autonomous business groups. GreenX in agribusiness, HomeX in energy and Debane in technology. There's strength in numbers, isn't there?
GreenX GreenX is based on the food industry. Its main mission is to always provide a totally natural and controlled food
HomeX Producing all forms of solutions and products to provide renewable energy is the mission of homeX
Debane Debane is an IT subsidiary that offers services such as application development, digital marketing, design and research.
greenX From production to consumption, GreenX offers you food products manufactured under the best conditions. We control everything from production to consumption. So we can offer you healthy and delicious products so that you can share a good time during your meals.
Debane_logo Debane is a technological company oriented in the field of graphic design. Its main objective is to increase performance of applications by producing trendy interfaces designed to promote high engagement. Its greatest strength lies in the fact that it offers services with a developed user experience.
HomeX HomeX is a home automation company whose goal is to enable every household to achieve energy self-sufficiency. Our main products are lightX (solar tiles) and powerX (energy storage system), both of which give you the ability to store energy on site, while maintaining your autonomy. Our mission is to create fully autonomous homes that shine, while being connected to the world.
Our team members We are not a company. We are a family of like-minded enthusiasts. We value open communication where every voice is heard. We love what we do and are willing to go above and beyond to impress our clients. We build partnerships and trusting relationships with our clients and strive for long-term collaboration.
About The CEO Claude Fitz Claude Fitz is a serial entrepreneur determined to solve the greatest challenges of our civilization through innovation and cultural evolution. A man who knows no limits, Claude makes big dreams come true. His bold vision and magnetic personality inspire him to follow what seems impossible. Founder of Xenone, Green x and XPay, Claude sees beyond the current business and technology landscape, creating startups that have real impact.
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